POV: Escape

The POV series is inspired by the subject of point of view and how one frames the world.

Wherein the rest of the POV series displays frame corners framing various parts of imagery, POV; Escape frames nothing. One’s perception of the world is not true reality. This illusory projection of the self onto impermanent emptiness has the contrary effect of the action as to where one perceives to be separate from that which composes them. The act of perceiving is a limiting self-deceiving mirror mirage that occurs within the Ego. The Ego is imprisoned to living in the past. The present moment, the NOW, is free of form, duality, and a separate self. True reality removed from the five senses and the restless mind is the true self, the complete wholesome purity of Nirvana.


~ by Benjamin Wuest on January 24, 2014.

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