Dream Yoga Manual

We have the power to heal the psyche in dreams, we are in fact even more flexible in dreams than awake as we can take experience beyond conceptual boundaries to have a deeper communication with the self. A stabilized mind can detach from the self intellect and find self-originated realizations and thus the dream can be utilized as a tool to liberate relative conditions.

Trained in life as well as death, through non-deluded awareness we develop skillful responsiveness. The Zhine, or calm abiding mind, is the foundation to overcoming delusions of the conceptual mind. Utilize the waking experience to cultivate lucidity and presence to draw behavior towards awareness and this practice will transfer to dreams where the mind may achieve liberationand even lucidity in death.

There are four foundational practices to change the relations to objects in waking life as well as dreams. There are then four preparatory practices before sleep and four main practices which correspond to the four stages of REM sleep typically experienced in a night.

You may not have the particular imagery in each dream but note it is the quality of the dream that is important, the felt sense of dream. Notice the subtleties and which chakra the dream is connected to. Also note that the particular suggested colours and chakras are not really there but utilized as an aid to focus on particular channels. Do not grasp for these channels butallow awareness of them. See it, feel it, then be it and let go. With each awakening try to be present with the practice. In the final waking particularly. Review the night, generate intentions. In addition it helps to focus on the calm abiding mind during the day. The most important point is to maintain presence as consistently as possible throughout day and night. This is the essence.

Obviously dreams are a different reality and we may feel this is an “unsatisfactory” practice. Recognize that overcoming psychological tasks and energetic difficulties do extend into waking life. We are thus able to develop a more flexible mind to over come difficult limitations by lessening the karmic forces of grasping and aversion.

Ways to practice flexibility:After lucidity comes flexibility, which is respectively more important than the content of the dream. Ultimately, the meaning is not even important. Loosen the conceptual concept of “meaning” as there is even dreaming in meaning. This practice is beyond psychological functions, this is spiritual cultivation beyond conditions of the dualistic mind.

Size: We seldom think much about size in our dreams, be tiny then be massive. Take a big problem and make it small.

Quantity: If there is one flower, make a thousand. If there is a thousand problems, make it oneproblem. Burn the seeds of incipient karma, drive rather than be driven.

Quality: Always consider possibilities of change and put that to practice. Change qualities of emotions. Transform prior conditioning to flexible freedom.

Speed: In just a few seconds of dream a lifetime can be accomplished. Slow down the experience until each moment is a whole world. Visit a hundred places in a minute.

Accomplishment: Accomplish anything unfinished from waking life. Do practices, finish what needs finishing.

Transformation: Perhaps the most importantflexibility. Become a bird, a plane, a buddha! Transform your emotions, become a dakini, overcome habitual limitations.

Emanation: Similar to transformation, emanate yourself in multiple bodies. Breakthrough the boundary of being a single, separate ego.

Journey: Start with the places you want to go, don’t just arrive there, enjoy the journey. Travel to the pureland, another planet, or the depths of the ocean.

Meet teachers, guardians, dakinis,Seeing: See what you have never seeing before, meet people you’ve never met, from view points you’ve never seeing out of.

and deities. It is important here for you to ask if you can meet again to open up future rendezvous opportunities to learn.

Experience: Experience something you have not done yet. Experience mystic states of path however elaborate or simple. Breathe water like a fish, walk through walls or even become a cloud.

Control your dreams rather than being controlled by them. Control your thoughts rather than be controlled. Do not fear disrupting the dream, you are only disrupting ignorance. Change your identity and relationship to the world. Finally embrace the clear light and maintain present here, allow everything to become the path without falling to distraction, samsara or your next life.This vision is the dream, the bardo thodal. Remain in full awareness of non-duality, of emptiness.

The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep. Ithaca, NY: Snow Lion Publications, 1998. Print.

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~ by Benjamin Wuest on February 20, 2012.

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