Cheers to the new years!

The above is a selection of pictures I painted at the Minneapolis Corepower Yoga studio leaving off from last NYE (minus a few that I was not able to retain documentation of). The first picture (the last of my giving tree series) was previously documented in my last entry regarding the nature of vinyasa (intentional) yoga and the importance of service within practice. Following this back through a prior CPY entry you can look into of the origins of vinyasa yoga and even hatha yoga with my in depth summation of the hatha yoga pradapika. If you are so inclined you may even read about my experience with teacher training through Corepower.

Today I am more interested in talking about where my practice is now and in particular that of the organization which I co-lead called Flight Club. Flight Club as hosted by the Twin Siddhi Acronauts, is a collective of people whom share a love of yoga, circus arts and bodywork. If you have an established yoga practice and are curious about meditation as a levitation sensation then feel free to come try flying yoga with us! (although donations are accepted)

Rules of Flight Club:

1.Stay Present
4.The Magic Word is Down
8.Take Appropriate Risks
9.Align with the Ideal
10.Smile (frowning is alright upside down)

oh and you can talk about flight club

Check out the acronauts acrobatic rendition of the ancient zen koan of the sound of one hand clapping:

And our love triangle valentines day skit at Loring Theaters Variety show:


~ by Benjamin Wuest on January 3, 2012.

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