Platonic Realism, and sri yantra, and shambhavi mudra! oh my!

Platonic Realism regards the existence of universals or abstract objects. These universals exist in a broad abstract sense that cannot actually be seeing by our standard modes of perception. That is all things are inherently empty and only through referents do we understand words such as redness, love or god. Plato suggests that objects and form is mind independent. An example of this  idea in participation of form can perhaps best be described mathematically, which Plato believed to not be created but discovered. An “ideal” platonic triangle would have angles adding up entirely to 180 degrees. No matter how one would draw a triangle, even with the most precise of equipment, would they be able to draw the “ideal” triangle without some defect that even our senses could not detect. Thus Plato claims forms become mental entities. Platonism is the distinction between reality which is perceptible, but not intelligible, and that which is intelligible but imperceptible.

The Sri Yantra is a mandala that quite so embodies this “idea” of platonic realism. The Sri Yantra is composed of nine interlocking triangles surrounding a bindu. This sacred geometry embodies the nature of shiva shakti, the cosmos and even the non-duality nature of form and emptiness. Perhaps the most fascinating part of the Sri Yantra is that it is mathematically impossible and every Sri Yantra is an attempt for the least amount of error.

Here I’ve screenprinted a stereoscopic image of the Sri Yantra when gazed upon with the Shambhavi Mudra one may glimpse the divine. The Shambhavi mudra is a yogic mudra that enables one to balance both hemispheres of the brain and enable a closer connection to non-dual divinity. In yoga, we use the tip of the nose to begin shambhavi mudra practice and once one is able to sustain an equal vision of both sides of the nose in a relaxed manner they may then continue to use this “eye-lock” beyond ones body. If you feel pain during this exercise it means that the hemispheres of your brain are fighting each other rather than synchronizing and if one allows to let go of this egoic pain and surrender to the divine they may find one self in closer unity with divine love.

~ by Benjamin Wuest on December 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Platonic Realism, and sri yantra, and shambhavi mudra! oh my!”

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