>Do Not Mistake the Finger Pointing to the Balloon to be the Balloon Itself.

I was delighted to be assigned to create a work based off the everyday as I in my work I regularly attempt to manifest a sense of everyday nature (Yugen) with what is right here and now (sabi) through immediate experiential aesthetic apprehension of transcending the traditional world through bridging the phenomenal with reality. The ultimate intention of my work is that the viewer may experience the same realization I experienced and realized in the process of performing the art whether it be painting, acrobatics or working with chance and allowing movement beyond conventional laws of the self consciousness and thus finding harmony beyond the dualism of subject and object, artist and art, internal and external, being and non-being and of form and emptiness.

For this project I initially wanted to do an Acroyoga performance with the BrentlyShow at Station 4 night club and turn in a video recording to those whom could not make it but I was immediately shot down and told I needed to perform in class. I shrugged that off and figured I’d fly our teacher Katinka Galanos if she must insist but than also figured I should have a back-up plan jus’ in case and thus I also collaborated with Chris Lyle on a video documentary about yoga as well as made some digital imagery of Brandon Wharton and Stephanie Vilendrer performing AcroYoga. I came into class confident and hit a wall of criticism. Katinka had severe back injuries and could not fly, my video doc was apparently not considered to be a “work of art” and my images were in the wrong format. I was told to try again.

Katinka was right, though I thought my documentary was an everyday way to portray my every day, it simply did not demand the participation of the viewer and thus allow them to detach of their ego so they may remove the self and experience a pure connection to my work and an unaltered state of their being. This was the same dilemma as Studying Zen vs. Practicing Zen. I thus came to the realization that I needed to introduce my class to the Energy Art Qi Gong and build an energy sculpture. Your participation is requested, please stand and do as I do.

~ by Benjamin Wuest on November 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “>Do Not Mistake the Finger Pointing to the Balloon to be the Balloon Itself.”

  1. >That nrg tripped me out man, well done. where did you get that outfit?? it's awesome

  2. >thanks bruddha, I got the vest while on the shikoku pilgrimage in Japan and the "I can do anything in these pants" to which I lent to Todd Walker of Fox news to show that he could in fact fly and which he wants to borrow to shingle his roof, were a gift from good friend Sweetness.

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