>EarthDance, shakin it for peace!


Earth Dance is a global festival for peace celebrated in fifty different countries at over 200 locations. As shown by Marcus Young’s social experiment dancing is contagious! With over a thousand people getting together we were passing around some Socially Transmittable Dancemoves for peace! We also had a globally synced meditation for peace where we all came together and joined hands in one big gigantic circle and OM’d in meditation for peace.
There were also a number of spiritual speakers for peace, a sonic sound temple, drum jams, a kid village with toys and exercises from all around the world, and a healing tent with massage, reiki, Qi Gong, Yoga and of course flying yoga magic carpet rides!
 11X17 Signed Earthdance poster prints available for $15.00. 
Larger Sizes and Framing may be arranged.
try a FREE flying magic carpet ride acrobatic yoga class at Moe Bodyworks(3541 Lyndale Ave) every saturday at 5:30 or come by for a massage/reiki/acupuncture/chiropractic care/herbal remedies/meditation or a variety of yoga styles that are offered everyday!

~ by Benjamin Wuest on October 10, 2010.

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