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MandAllah Mat- A mandala is a meditative art designed to have the creator and viewer achieve mental clairvoyance. The geometric pattern found in the circle resembles the cosmos, a map linking microcosmic spiritual growth to that of macrocosmic cosmic truths. At the center of this Mandala, a figure sits in the Lotus with a glow in the dark chakra totem pole resting in front of him. Each animal on the totem pole resembles a different energy center or chakra as explained below. These Chakras are believed to be the source of all our energy and are a doorway into perceiving human  realities such as what drives us as well as what hinders us. This luminous energy body which acts as a template for how we live and die can be cultivated and sustained through yogic concentration. “The rising serpent” is an image often associated with the opening of the nadis channels which allows the flow of prana to circulate through spinal resonators .

The Mulhadara cakra is found at the base of the spine and is resembled as a snake. This is the root support,  often associated with stability, trust, safety and the earth. This cakra expels energetic waste from the the energy  body as well as works as a gateway for the energy of  mother earth. When out of balance we feel motherless, masculine and search for security in material things. The drives are primal, instinctual need to survive and to find food, shelter and a mate. Operating in the Mulhadara one is absorbed in the senses and engaged primarily in the  physical realm.

The Swadisthana Cakra is three inches below the navel and resembled as an alligator. This cakra otherwise known as her favorite standing place is associated with creativity, sensuality and water. This cakra metabolizes energy nutrients  from the earth and expels from the nervous system although can be known to carry rejection residue which leads to anger, fear, a need to control others , codependency or even dependent isolation. The drives are lustful, erotic, fantastical, high adrenaline and romantic, although this cakra has a knack for turning romance into intimacy and sex into love.

The Manipura Cakra located at the solar plexus and resembled by a Ram. This cakra otherwise known as the jeweled city is the home of the ego as well as the digestive fire that woks as the fuel for dreams and can be used to manifest aspirations or if imbalanced  can destroy our primary nature lead to a superior/inferior complex. This cakra can replenish reserves of energy or burn out. Awaken this cakra for fearless resolve and witness obstacles crumble but douse the flames before consumed and be heated by the coals of confidence.

The Anahata Cakra is the heart cakra resembled by an antelope. This cakra is often associated with compassion, forgiveness,  unconditional love for all sentient beings,  and air. Love not in the sense of something to “fall in”, object related or sentimental but a true love for creation. This love is not means to let go of previous pain or those who have hurt us  but an end all in its self. Balance in the heart cakra allows for  commitment and integrates masculine and femenine energies and thus no longer seek love outside of ourselves.

The Vishuddha Cakra located at the base of the throat and resembled as an elephant. This cakra is often associated with purity, communication, truth, and ether. This cakra acts as the psychic center where we can envision a freedom of infinite possibilities and act on this recognized field of endeavor to reach mastery of a do (or way). This cakra is the voice to the heart and from the heart that asks what is your truth? and gives you the courage to live it.  Imbalance can lead to intoxication of knowledge and valuing right over right understanding.

The Ajna Cakra is located at the third eye and resembled as an om. This cakra is the telepathic command center  linked to the divine within. Cultivated, this cakra brings humility and allows the practitioner to know their true self at all times.

The Sahasrara Cakra is located at the crown of the head and resembles the subtlest of subtle, the cosmic consciousness. This cakra acts as a portal to the heavens as the first is to the earth. This cakra transcends time in linear, or causal relations by releasing grips to “a past” No longer are we subject to the imprints on the cakra body, once today is no longer a result of an earlier incident but a completely new moment. Malfunctions here can cause spiritual regression masqueraded as enlightenment but when correctly operating allows for connection of collective consciousness.


~ by Benjamin Wuest on April 30, 2009.

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