The clay manikin has been a fun project that has taught me the interior structure of the human body. Learning how light hits the body inside out has been tremendously beneficial on understanding how to depict the human form. Yoga has taught me to feel my form, building a clay man is another step in understanding the figure as well as my own body. I feel drawing the clay figure is the next step in processing this information
This is an anterior shot of the torso. I feel my crafting is a little rough because I had no carving tools in building my muscles however I feel I retained more information by crafting and constructing the muscles using my hands. I feel the strongest aspect of this view is the imprint of my wrist band leading down the abdominal section reading “Donate Life”.

This Posterior View of the manikin shows the Spinal erectors, longisimus and thoracis muscles. Yoga has taught me the sheer importance of the spine as it effects every part of your body. This muscle mass twists around the neck, down the spine and reaches into the pelvis. These muscles are designed to support against gravity as well as move the entire body. My muscles seem to have gotten a little bulky on the sides but overall I feel I have a much better sense of what exactly I’m stretching in a twisting triangle.

This Anterior view of the leg shows tensor . Looking onto the muscles now I feel I should have made the quads and vastus muscles larger. Although, I do have really skinny legs and feel the manikin is appropiate in reflecting myself. This picture also sow the tensor fasciae which I have coloured in white. I feel that making the muscles multiple colours, using bodyworlds as a reference, has created a more visually aesthetic piece as well as helped me in understanding the musculature system.

The posterior view of the leg depicts the gluteus maximus down to the soleus and achilles tendon. I see the side extensors could be shaved down a bit however the gastronemues does fit perfectly into the bicep femoris, creating a spatial triangular gap. The muscles could fit together better if I had used tools however I feel I captured the gesture of the legs as they twist around the leg. Through building the manikin I feel I have furthered my understanding in how the muscles behave. This is extremely valuable depicting the form in giving emphasis on action as well as visual stimuli.


~ by Benjamin Wuest on November 12, 2008.

One Response to “>Man”

  1. >torso looks very good. the leg/thigh are harder to judge from these photos. however, it looks like you’re missing the sartorius and that the gastrocnemius needs to be fuller so that we can see it through from the anterior view.

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